Project Finance We are commited in our services

Project Finance is sourcing funds to a long term infrastructure project, or any other project, and using the cash flow generated from the project to payback the financing procured. Project Finance is often confused with corporate ...

Term Loan

Term Loan is a loan borrowed for
fixed amount over the fixed period
of repayment and floating
rate of interest....

Working Capital

Working capital is also known as
Cash credit. Bank provides working
capital facility to the industry to
finance day-to-day....

Foreign Credit/Foreign Loan

Corporate Loans are available to
the existing businesses / industrial
houses in Indian rupees
or in foreign currency....

Real Estate

Loan sanctioned to construct or develop
a new real estate project including both
residential as well as commercial
is known as loan....

Project Loans

Project Loan is given by the lending
institution or banks to the borrower
for the purpose of business expansion,
reconstruction etc....

ECB Funding

We can help you with external
commercial borrowing funding.
We can organize debt fund
in foreign currencies....