Subsidy Services


Subsidy Services

  • State Government (Gujarat) Interest Subsidy (5%/ 6%/ 7%)

    Buyer's credit is also referred to as financial credit. In this kind of a financial arrangement, a financial institution or bank extends a loan to foreign buyers. The loan is also extended to a bank in the importing country in order to bear the expenses for purchase of goods from the exporting country. It is beneficial to local importers since they can access cheaper foreign funds.

  • TUF interest subsidy

    Textile manufacturing units can avail of hefty benefits. We can help you enjoy 4% / 5% TUF interest subsidy and 10% / 15% / 20% capital subsidy. Whether you are establishing a new enterprise or are looking to expand/upgrade your enterprise, you can avail of our service. We will suggest the best course of action to you that will also be financially profitable. We offer financial assistance by way of interest subsidy and capital subsidy.

  • Central Government

    CLCSS- Capital Subsidy for all Industries- We have a thorough understanding of the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme. With the help of expert subsidy consultancy, you will be able to facilitate technology upgradation and reap rich benefits.

  • Electric Duty Exemption (Subsidy)

    If you are seeking expert guidance with regard to exemption from electric duty, you can trust us to meet your needs. We can provide the necessary assistance and consultancy at competitive prices.

  • SSI/MSI/LSI registration

    We are well conversant with SSI/ MSI/LSI registration. If you are seeking relevant, meaningful information and guidance in this regard, you cannot afford to give a miss to our consultancy service.

  • Centerl Goverment- MOFPI- Capital Subsidy -Food Industry-(25%/33%/50%)

    We are well versed with the various schemes for the development of processed food sector. We will help you avail of maximum incentives..